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Sunrise Japanese offering the best quality used jdm engines in serviceable condition with a Limited Warranty Terms & Conditions.

Limited Warranty offered by Sunrise Japanese from the date of purchased as follows:

Used Performance Engines - 30 Days
Used Replacement Engines - 30 Days
Used Replacement Transmissions - 15 Days
Rotary Engines - 15 Days
Used Performance Transmissions - No Warranty
All Electronical/Electronic Parts - No Warranty


All internal engine parts including piston, crankshaft, main bearings, rod bearings and connecting rods, camshaft, timing chain and timing gears.
The engine head and block to be free of crack or distortion.
Sunrise Japanese reserves the right to repair with rebuilt or exchange the engine at its own determination.


1. All external parts attached to the engine, e.g., intake and exhaust manifold, distributor, alternator, starter, a/c compressor, emission control devices, clutch, fly wheel, pressure plate, thermostat, water pump, belts, hoses, oil pan, valve cover, sensors, electronic parts, wires, computers, injectors, etc, transmissions, drive shafts, motor mounts, half shaft, etc.
2. Any loss caused by overheating or misuse of the engine.
3. The cost of labour required to remove, install or repair engine. The warranty does not cover oil leaks, blown head gasket or damage due to over heating of poor water circulation, clogged radiator, stuck thermostat, etc.
4. Any damage caused by abuse, accident or neglect or improperly installed.
5. Freight or delivery charges.
6. Lose caused by any modifications or use of the engine for which it was not designed, or modification or forced induction (Nos, Turbos, Supercharged).
7. The engine if it is used for racing or drifting, or tune-ups and adjustments, filters, hoses, belts, coolants, emission control devices, spark plugs, etc.
8. Repairs that are performed without authorization from Sunrise Japanese.
9. Loss caused by defective timing belt. New timing belt must be installed.
10. Repairs or exchanges will not extend this limited warranty beyond the described term on this form.
11. Sunrise Japanese will not be responsible for incidental or consequential damage arising from loss of use, loss of time, inconvenience or commercial loss or any other consequential damage or loss.


1. To file a warranty claim, you should call us to get you the RIA#.
2. The customer is responsible for all the freight charges on the return of defective engines and no replacement will be sent until our staff have inspected and verified the returned defective engine in question. If the engine is defective, Sunrise Japanese will refund for defective engine, or will ship out a replacement engine.
3. The engine must be returned in the same condition it was sent, all missing parts will be charged to the customer.

Engine complete with accessories may not comply with the emission control laws of the state in which it is being sold or used. State and/or federal authorities require that you change over the emission devices from your old engine to the engine you are installing to make it comply. The add-on parts on the engine sold by Sunrise Japanese are left attached for testing purpose only, for your convenience and are free of charge. The purchase price represents the cost of the long block only (I.e. cylinder head and short block only).


All sales are final, no refund or exchanges.
Orders can be cancelled if they have not been shipped.
All refused/returned orders will be charged 25% of the invoice amount for restocking fees plus all freight charges to return the item to our warehouse.
No Deposit refunds.


These are used engines which have been in use for 15,000 - 60,000 miles, and are not brand new. There may be small scratches on the engine because it is used, and there may also be fragile plastic, metal or rubber parts that could possibly bend or break during shipping. These parts can be replaced with parts from your original engine or bought from a local used auto parts store.